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  1. General Discussion
    Hello, thanks for your time, I have a 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. First off I am aiming for 400 whp, I have been researching for several weeks about different parts and spoke with a company about a build for a turbo. Sense then I have changed my mind on the turbo after finding another one...
  2. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2008-2012
    Hello everyone, I've been looking around for some answers and did MUCH research and can't find a solid answer. Now I know our A/T use the ZF tranny that only holds about roughlyyyy 300ctq? So is getting a Torque converter after forged rods/pistons in the turbo kit package worth it or can it be...
  3. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2008-2012
    Hey everyone, just made an account to get some questions answered about a small project I'm gonna be taking on. Long story short; I own a 2010 3.8 Gen MT. The car was totalled without insurance, so I'm basically on my own to salvage what I can. I figured my easiest solution, besides taking on a...
  4. GenCoupe Build / Projects
    Very often these threads fall apart because people just give up or wanna do so much so quickly and just cant. well that's not my plan. I picked up my brand new 2013 2.0t r-spec this past april and it currently has 13,000km (Aug-20-2014) and I figured its about time to do some work to it. I am...
  5. Engine and Drivetrain
    First mod is a agency power clutch line install video.
  6. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    So I just bought a 2.0T and as of now it is bone stock, so time to start modding. Before I do though I would like some input. Right now this car is my daily driver and will be for awhile, however in the future it won't be and I can do some more serious modding. In the meantime I would like to...
  7. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    hey guys ive got 1k ive saved up for my car and was wondering what would be the best way to spend it performance wise
  8. Exterior 2008-2012
    whats up guys. i got my coupe in december and have done a few small things to it. as of now i have megan racing down pipe and test pipe. Injen IC piping, Tien springs, badges. I have a few things that have been ordered that i will be posting pics of hopefully in the next few days when they get...
1-9 of 10 Results