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  1. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    Hello everyone, after doing an oil change today on my coupe after getting it out of storage I noticed that when the sun hit the oil pan I could see very small brass coloured metallic fragments. I checked with a magnet and they are non-magnetic How concerned should I be? I’m just hoping that it...
  2. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    I know there’s a lot of these posts but I haven’t found many that show my issue with the configuration I have. I recently picked up a 2011 gen coupe 2.0t r spec 6-speed manual with the normal key start. A lot for be ones seem to be push start so there solution doesn’t apply to me most of the...
  3. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I’ve read several posts about the 2.0 13s rattle, I have experienced the same rattle noise however it has gotten slightly worse now. Car was brought into the shop and was told I needed flex pipe replaced, noise was still present and after a second look I was told I was in need of a new turbo...
  4. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    My coupe recently through a rod.. and sitting where it is, I'm getting no use out of the vehicle I've bought.. I've been lurching about the forums and on FB groups to try and find anything on swapping a sedan engine into my coupe; the problem I'm running into is that I can't get like the hard...
  5. North East / New England
    For Sale: Genesis Wing Emblem original from Korea. Used to be a Genesis Coupe Owner. I think it was the first model (2010). Found one emblem in my garage while cleaning. Thought it would offer it for anyone who wants it. Asking $30 (including shipping). It also comes with two nonoriginal...
  6. Purchasing and Orders
    I just flew to Connecticut and purchased my first new car in 12 years. Unfortunately, we had a 10.5 hour drive home but I think it was well worth it. I purchased a 2015 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Ultimate with almost 50,000. The mileage is a bit high but the car is in mint condition. Carfax shows every...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I'm trying to delete this post and cant fpseem to do it
  8. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I would like to begin with an apology for my lack of knowledge, it seems to me that my 2013 gen coupe rspec is going to need a clutch replacement soon. Still need professional opinion. However i would like suggestions on the decent "clutch kits" i can get for the 2013. I have searched for quite...
  9. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Got around to taking apart my old factory electronic wastegate I had to replace. The photos should show why it's such a POS and why these have to be replaced for many of us: So next question is, who knows where one can buy metal sprockets in the needed sizes?
  10. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    I had my first GC backfire !!! I'm so happy ! :laugh: it was epic. I got out of the parking lot and put 100% throttle ! I let go the gas pedal at 6000 rpm and "POCK!!!" (First gear duh) I wonder does the wastegate mod make this more often ? I want to do this more often :) Is there anyway of...
  11. Interior 2013 and up
    Nevermind Thanks!
  12. Exterior 2008-2012
    ok guys, i have my own custom exhaust setup and ended up going with 2.5 inch quad tips, because i was amateur... im changing just my tips soon but i just wanna know if anyone knows where to find or if its even possible to find HKS STYLE tips...i know they come with the axleback but JUST the...
  13. Wheels, Tires and Brakes 2008-2012
    Clicking/Creaking Sound when Braking While Turning...HELP! Strangest thing started happening a week or so ago. I was wondering if you could help me diagnose this problem. Symptoms: - Say you want to take a right turn. You brake while your steering wheel is turned right. I hear this faint...
  14. Interior 2008-2012
    Would any vendor be able to get the 2013 E-brake?? I would buy it if it works on the earlier genesis coupes.
  15. Exterior 2008-2012
    picking up a genesis soon and i have 2 colors to choose between, if you have a red or black genesis post up some pictures!:)
  16. New Member Introductions
    First of all I'd like to say this is a great forum and has help soooo much to the point where this is my first thread as i have not found the need to post any questions because everything has pretty much been answered if you do a little bit of digging. I currently drive a silver AT 4cyl 08...
  17. Exterior 2008-2012
    I want to know if i can get a wing delete on the 3.8 track.If the dealer cant do it where should i go to get it done.Also any pics.
1-17 of 35 Results