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  1. Exterior
    Unpainted bk1 hood OEM. Pick up Baton Rouge, LA. $300 OBO
  2. Vendor Classifieds
    Asking $18,500 Manual 6-speed Clean Title 55,500 miles Excellent Condition 20" wheels Godspeed/Bilstein Coilovers Bone-stock everything else If interested: [email protected]
  3. California
    Selling my 2013 Genesis Coupe R-Spec Seats. They are in great condition and include both front and back sets for a full red interior Message me I am located in Southern California
  4. Private Classifieds
    Hey folks, I owned a gen a few years back and just came across some old parts I’m trying to get rid of. H pipe has around 10k miles on it? springs have something like 20k Based in Irvine. Whoever can come pick it up soonest gets the deal. I know the springs aren’t worth much but if you want...
  5. General Discussion
    Looking to sell a turbo transformer. Compatible with 2013 2.0T. Possibly 2014 also. Never used or hooked up. Payed 170ish. I’ll sell it for 105 usd shipped. Lmk if you need picks. I bought a sfr canned tune so I never got around to hooking it up. [email protected] is my email.
  6. Purchasing and Orders
    I have to part with my beautiful Black Betty. I'm in the Bay Area in California. Message me if you are interested.
  7. General Discussion
    Selling my synapse BOV for 2013-14 2.0T with charge pipe and block off plate And a SFR ECU reflash time see photos for details about tune and pictures of BOV contact me for inquires BOV - $270 OBO Tune- $550 OBO Larry- 3472969611
  8. Ontario
    Wondering if there would be any interest in my car for someone to buy. It was in an accident that had the front bumper, rear bumper, passenger door shell, passenger side moulding, 2 passenger side rims & the rear quarter panel repaired. Has a Custom tune from BTR putting out 285 HP & 336 TRQ...
  9. Ontario
    Used Filter has less than 8,000Km's on it Will oil & properly clean before putting it in a ziplock back for whoever buys it! $50 Also selling an HPS short ram intake for the 2013 2.0T's I actually have 3 different cone filter for it including an AEM dry flow filter, One from partsource...
  10. Ontario
    Had my beauty for nearly 5 years without a scratch but this winter has been rough. Cracked my front bumper pretty good on a snowbank. It's beyond repair by the looks of it so I'm in the market for a front bumper. I don't care if it's OEM, used, new, whatever. I'm attempting to keep cost minimal...
  11. North East / New England
    I am looking for a race in particular but I will also go with a street and I'm trying to get a used one for a good price if anybody could help me out. Also if anybody has another cheap exhaust I will look into that.
  12. South West / Rocky Mountain
    Hey Guys, Wow, its been a minute since I've been on the forums!! Glad to see the community is growing as a whole and always excited to see the enhancements people are making to their Gen's... especially in AZ!! :gc-drool1: I've got a few parts for sale that I'm really just looking to get rid...
  13. Texas
    Well unfortunately it is time for me to sell my Gen Coupe. I'm getting stationed overseas and don'thave anyone to take care of her. Check it out, if you like what you see, shoot me a text/call to come check her out. Prices are negotiable to an extent. Take care, BlueGuru
  14. Exterior 2008-2012
    WILL MAKE A DEAL. Hey guys bought my vega about 2 months ago, and It has had it painted proffessionaly in a paint booth and all that. It also already has precut holes cut out for DTRLs. Which will come with this bumper. I have decided to go with a different design for my coupe, so I no longer...
  15. Wheels & Tires
    Used them for about 3,000 miles on my 2011 gen coupe rspec got some xxr's throw me some offers.
1-15 of 18 Results