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  1. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Hiii guys I bought my genesis over a year ago with 7900 miles on it So it’s pretty clean for clean build I think it’s had enough time being stock Now that i have more time i would like to turn it into a more enjoyable car I’ve heard that fbo e85 is a good setup until the stock turbo says bye...
  2. Engine 2.0T
    Okay guys so I’ve got a 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0t and I came to find out oil was being sent from the serpentine belt all over my engine bay. After some diagnosing I’m 93.675% sure it’s the main seal behind the timing cover. I decided I was going to take on the task because I can’t afford thousands...
  3. General Discussion
    So my previous motor seized and I had replaced my motor and bought a low mileage turbo and motor was swapped but turner left the custom tune from the previous motor. The tune was a great tune had no issues with it previously. Once I got the car back my car was fluttering and being in boost the...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello everyone so my 2013 2.0t rspec has been kinda weird lately, one day it shut off on me but before shutting off the car dropped idle super low and the whole car was shaking. I pushed it to the nearest shop and car wouldn’t crank or anything, they put a jumper on the battery and the car began...
  5. New Member Introductions
    2013 Genesis coupe 2.0t manual 60k miles car is knocking or something it has all power still just loud even when I rev it. Here’s the video
  6. New Member Introductions
    Need to get couple of things done: 1. New HID's 2. Window Tinting 3. DD Stage 3 Led kit 4. Valentine One (blendmount + invisicord) ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.:hello:
  7. Engine
    Magnaflow Dual Catback Exhausts for the 2.0T and 3.8L V6 ~ Best Prices + FREE S&H!! ECS Motorsports is an authorized reseller for Magnaflow Performance Exhausts and we would like to introduce GenCoupe with these excellent quality exhausts at the best prices! 2.0T Quad Tip Catback Exhaust...
1-7 of 7 Results