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  1. General Discussion
    About a week ago, I was driving in the night when my navigation system started to show errors on the screen and would be hard to connect Bluetooth. I would turn the car off then on for it to turn on. Earlier that day it was raining super hard, then those issues started. (Couple months prior ...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi, I have a 16 genesis with no navigation and I was thinking if I can change it to a OEM navigation screen? Thanks.
  3. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2008-2012
    Hi guys, I have 2012 r-spec 3.8 manual. I looking to upgrade to the oem touch screen navigation stereo system. Has anyone had any issues? I do know I need to replace the mounting brackets and the trim. Anything else I should be aware of? any wiring I need to mess with or its just direct swap. I...
  4. Interior 2013 and up
    Just got a fresh 2013 2.0 Premium. Unfortunately, it seems like the navigation is showing a position about 50 miles off. I've gone through some threads from the 2012 and below, and this is what I've ruled out so far: 1. The sharkfin antenna is connected fine because XM works fine, as does the...
  5. Interior 2008-2012
    Help! I am doing my type B install with magellan RM 9055 and I cannot figure out how to mount the GPS to the Type-B bezel! Ack! Any guidence? I have the type-b and it has a metal mount piece but I cannot figure out what that is supposed to do? How do I get the GPS to mount on to the Type-B...
  6. Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    I got the 2.0T 2010 coupe. No GPS build in. Is it to have one installed same as the build in units instead of getting the portable units. :dunno:
  7. Interior 2008-2012
    Genesis Logo For Garmin GPS Goto: All sizes | GC | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Then: "Download the Original size of this photo" - Plug Garmin into USB port on your PC - Goto Windows Explorer and open the "Garmin Nuvi" container. - Open the "Garmin" folder - Open the "JPEG" folder. - Copy...
  8. Interior 2008-2012
    Hi Everyone, Just finished my first mod. Bezel, Nav, LCD relocator and backup camera. got the bezel from korea, gps and camera from china. Cost about 300 bucks. Camera comes on automatically when in reverse. Took some doing but finally got the gps to wake up when the car is on and go to...
  9. Interior
    ARK Performance Inc: 2011 OEM Navigation Unit $1350 with FREE Shipping!! For Sale: Never been used 2011 OEM Navigation Unit from our ARK SEMA Time Attack Car 3.8L R-Spec. We are selling this unit "as is." The navigation system has never been used, since we did a customized Ipad integration. We...
  10. Interior 2008-2012
    Hi. I wasn't sure whether i should ask this question here or in the interior section. I was wondering if as of today, there are any factory/dealer remote starter options offered for the GC. Also do the 3.8 editions come standard with the GPS package or is that another 1500$. the dealer...
1-10 of 10 Results