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  1. Exterior
    2013 Genesis Coupe Front End DIY Grill Delete Tools required for the job: - Metric wrenches and sockets - 3-5 Microfiber towels - Flat/Phillips head screwdrivers (S/M/L) - 2 Large towels (protect bumper on hard floors) - 2-3 Bowls (to store parts) - Painters...
  2. South West / Rocky Mountain
    Hey Guys, Wow, its been a minute since I've been on the forums!! Glad to see the community is growing as a whole and always excited to see the enhancements people are making to their Gen's... especially in AZ!! :gc-drool1: I've got a few parts for sale that I'm really just looking to get rid...
  3. Ontario Classifieds
    FS:OEM(Intake,Grill,Wheel Caps,Tow hook,Paint Pen,Cargo Box,iPod Cable,Mats)+ AEM SRI FS:OEM(Intake,Grill,Wheel Caps,Tow hook,Paint Pen,Cargo Net,iPod Cable,Mats) + AEM Filter with Custom Short Ram Intake Just PM me if you are getting a few things so I'll give you a multi product discount +...
  4. Rhys Millen Racing
    Hands down this is one of the first exterior mods done by Genesis Coupe owners and one of RMR best selling items. I wanted to add a few more new photos if you have never seen it.
  5. Exterior 2008-2012
    Hi All, I'm a new convert to the Coupe and could use some advice from the experts! I just rebranded the car to the Genesis wing emblems, except for the front grill. I would like to replace the grill with an aftermarket, emblem-free model. Which grill brand/model would you recommend? (My...
  6. Exterior
    Brand New!! Perfect Quality and Fitment ARK C-FX Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Grille Sale!! While Supplies Last, Limited Time Offer!! If you have any questions please PM or Call Us 909-391-1275 M-F 9am-6pm PST.
  7. New Member Section
    :hello: Hello all, I'm an extremely satisfied owner of a 2011 GC 3.8 Track. I'm not quite ready to start changing things this instant but I am curious about minor mods and add-ons. Does anyone know where I can find and look at alternative grills? I also LOVE the sound of the exhaust and...
  8. New Member Section
    Hey everyone, Just got a 2.0T, did wing emblems and wheel caps, and thought ... My car looks great from the back, but the boring black front grill pieces bore me. Any ideas for cheap alternatives without body work? I was looking at mesh/chrome replacement pieces, or maybe just the fog light...
  9. Exterior 2008-2012
    Hi Guys, I got my Roadrun grill in the mail last week and am now trying (emphasis on trying) to install it. I can't seem to get my stock grill off due to the two bottom screws on the inside of the bumper. Does anyone have any tricks to getting it off? I have small hands and tried to undo it...
  10. Exterior 2008-2012
    Alright so I just ordered this M&S type D grill because I thought it looked real aggressive. But I failed to do my research and now im not sure if its a good idea... I read that you have to trim your OEM front? in order for it to fit? Is this true and if so how much do I have to trim? WOuld I be...
  11. Ontario
    Does anyone want to swap their OEM Chrome grille for my black OEM one? Around the Toronto area, or possibly even further out. I know some people prefer the black one or want to paint it, so I though I'd ask. Mine is in perfect condition.
  12. Exterior 2008-2012
    Has anyone installed the M&S Carart Type-C Front Grill? If so it would be great if you could post some pics. Also it would be good to hear of any installation tips.
  13. Exterior 2008-2012
    Ordered the Serona front grill in matching blue (waiting for the poly), and the dark chrome winged rear badge. Should have tint and the rear lip spoiler on this weekend. Will post some pics as the mods get added! Considering getting the calipers painted blue to match as well...anyone have any...
  14. Exterior 2008-2012
    i have a white 2010 3.8 genesis coupe. need help! E&G black ice grill or M&S type 1 grill more suggestions please tell me!
1-15 of 16 Results