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  1. Electrical and Lighting
    The driver side low beam won’t work and it doesn’t seem to be a bulb issue as I’ve changed it and that didn’t make a difference. I’m trying to find the fuse for that headlight but I’m having trouble locating it on any of the fuse boxes or online. Does anyone know where it should be? It’s a 2015 BK2.
  2. Exterior 2013 and up
    I wanted to know if the 2015 and the 2014 headlights were the same size. I'm trying to replace the ones I have with an aftermarket set but don't know if it will fit.
  3. Genesis coupe dual halos

    I've been wanting to do DIY dual hex halos for a while now but I can't find anything on how to instal the second halo. I know there must be a housing you need to buy but I can't find anything on that either. Need help on why I should do.
  4. Electrical & Wiring 2013 and up
    I’m trying to help my brother with his 2013 HYUNDAI Genesis coupe 2.0t, his headlights don’t work and his high beams, fog lights work, his right blinker works but when you left blink the front blinker goes off but not the leff. Horn doesn’t go off. So if anyone can take a picture of your Genesis...
  5. General Discussion
    hey what’s going on guys, anyone have any suggestions for LED bulbs to replace the stock HID bulbs. I’m getting sick of the yellow light and want something a little bit more whiter any suggestions? I like the look of the headlights, so I don’t plan on replacing the housing.
  6. Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    Hey guys so I bought my Genesis a little while ago and I tried to put led bulbs in. I didn’t have hids before because I couldn’t find any ballasts. My headlights were working before I tried to swap them to led but now I have no power from the harness to my low beams. Everything else on the...
  7. Electrical and Lighting
    It had after market low beams to begin with then those went out so I only used my high beams until those went out as well. Turns it somehow a wire wasn’t any good so I got some spec d headlights and my low beams work but my high beams don’t. I checked the fuses they seem well. And it also...
  8. Electrical & Wiring 2013 and up
    So today my angel eyes came in and I decided to install them. Everything went well until I had to wire from the angel eye module to the headlight harness. I soldered the power from the module to the yellow wire on the harness, and the ground wire to the black ground in the corner of the...
  9. General Discussion
    Made this edit and i want to know your opinions about it ? also if somebody is up to the challenge of building them PM me ;) credits to the original photo author, i just did my edit on top.
  10. Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    So basically my question is what fuses I need to check and if anyone here has a fuse diagram I can look at. Both my headlights won’t turn on period and just to mention if it helps the turning signal lights/orange indicators work fine, if anyone can help me in any way let me know thank you!
  11. Electrical & Wiring 2013 and up
    My 2011 3.8 R-Spec's stock headlights were great. Very bright, and the low beams had what I guess is best described as a razor-sharp horizontal cutoff. But I really never paid any attention to what type of lights they were, because they were just...GREAT. Did the R-Spec have HID-type low beams...
  12. Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    Hey everyone, To start things off: I've been searching around the internet and forums and haven't found anyone to have this exact issue. Here's whats happening: Two weeks ago I installed a new Diode Dynamics HID kit with a relay into my 2010 Gen Coupe. They worked flawlessly right out of...
  13. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Looking for the following parts for a 2014 Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec Aftermarket or stock just lmk what you got Left Lamp Assembly or full (both lamps) Intercooler Assembly Intercooler Inlet Hose Radiator Assembly
  14. Exterior 2013 and up
    I'm very interested in purchasing some Angel eyes for my 2015 Coupe and would like to know some things. As for what I want, I would like the brightest and most reliable angel eyes. I was looking at the Morimoto XB angel eyes and those seemed like the best for what I want because people said they...
  15. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    Hi guys, I have been looking through out the forums for the past month hoping someone would address this, but is there any way to make the daytime LED's work all the time? I do find occasionally obscure answer to my question with a yes, or saying I have to make it a dedicated LED change. Is...
  16. Ontario
    Hi Guys, anybody know what bulb size for the driver side headlight (side marker)? [/IMG]
  17. Ontario
    Hey guys, is there anybody in GTA that does Custom headlights/tail lights?
  18. Alberta
    earlier in the week I spoke to my supplier about a sale on lights, well the supplier wants to offer an even greater deal for this weekend. follow the link and select one of the options that say "Black Friday" and you will be saving even more for this weekend. Again.. ONLY FOR THE BLACK FRIDAY...
  19. Exterior 2008-2012
    Has anybody installed or know how the CREE H11 LED work for the Gen? The look weird with that fan in the back not sure how they fit in the OEM hosusing. They claim that they are an alternative to HID's and also that they fit to original lamp assembly,... but they look funky.. I know LED can...
  20. Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    I took of my front apart on the car to change my radiator core support after one side cracked off it. After putting everything back together, my headlights wont work only the orange ones toward the center work. Also my right turn signal is glowing always on my dashboard when i turn on the head...
1-20 of 39 Results