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  1. Purchasing and Orders
  2. Interior 2013 and up
    I'm going to try to keep this short: - Searched, didn't find anything. Thought I'd post some pics in case anyone ever searched for this so they can see a comparison. :) - Friend had one on his Jetta and I've been in love with them ever since. - The way they mount would block the Home-Link...
  3. Interior 2008-2012
    Disclaimer: I will not be liable for any damages that can happen. You are fully responsible for what you do. Okay so my car did not come with the auto dimming mirror and decided to install one myself. I purchased my mirror through Shark Racing for $180 shipped. Shipping came within 2 weeks...
  4. Exterior
    My passenger mirror got knocked clean off. It split the wires and broke the shaft that the mirror assembly rotates on. A new mirror is liek $200. Originally, I was just going to bolt the dang thang on and wire it up. I would no longer be able to fold the mirror in. But, after a little...
  5. New Member Section
    I have to put up a couple of more posts before i can put up pictures
  6. Exterior 2008-2012
    I was wondering if anybody can please sell me a passenger side mirror. Mine's the 2010 base model heated one. Car's black; but any colour will do. My window's been smashed twice and had to replace the mirror once already. Hoping somebody can please help me out please? =(
  7. Interior 2008-2012
    So yeah, was driving in the city, small streets, and clipped my passenger side mirror. Damage is not bad at all no internal damage or wiring problems..Pics and Questions below.. 1. Is there any chance I can get a replacement cap or part that will correct this, or do I have to replace the whole...
1-7 of 7 Results