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  1. Rhys Millen Racing - Hyundai Motorsports Division
    Rhys Millen Racing Rhys Millen and Hyundai Genesis Coupe Formula D Irwindale Watch Rhys take second place at Formula DRIFT Round 7: Title Fight, in his 650HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
  2. Rhys Millen Racing - Hyundai Motorsports Division
    Round 7 Formula Drift Irwindale, CA Team Report Rhys Millen Racing - Huntington Beach, CA - October 11, 2011 Rhys Millen and Team RMR returns to Irwindale, CA for Round 7 of Formula Drift. The final event of the 2011 season would prove that this team never quits resulting in a 2nd place...
  3. Rhys Millen Racing - Hyundai Motorsports Division
    In car view of Nissan GTR (GT500 Class) and Rhys in the black/yellow Hyundai Genesis Coupe (GT300 Class) time attack laps Korea. DDGT5RD QU - YouTube
  4. Rhys Millen Racing - Hyundai Motorsports Division
    Have you guys seen Hyundai's all new YouTube channel? RMR in collaboration with Hyundai hope to bring you all access into everything we do at the track and behind the scenes. How great is this! HyundaiUSA's Channel - YouTube AJ RMR
  5. California
    Rhys Millen To Bring Hyundai PM580 Pikes Peak Car July 2nd Cars & Coffee If you're in the Irvine, CA area come to cars & coffee Saturday morning July 2nd and check out the PM580 that just got back from Colorado. AJ Grasso Rhys Millen Racing
  6. Media
    Hello again everyone- I was in the area yesterday, so I paid a visit to RMR. Parked out front was the RM460. I always have a camera with me, so I figured GenCoupe members would enjoy a little "car porn." :) Just a couple of photos of the car where it sat- nothing crazy, but I think you will...
1-6 of 19 Results