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  1. South West / Rocky Mountain
    Hey Everyone, I moved to Arizona a few months ago and I am currently looking for a reputable performance shop that works on the Genesis 2.0T. I want to further my build on the 2.0T but I am not sure where to go. Does anyone know of any reputable shops?
  2. DIY - Do it Yourself
    As of June 2015, I can't seem to find anything recent on this topic here... Going back up to 10 years, there are references to which used to offer easy access to shop manuals. But today this doesn't work as it used to: the home page asks you to create an account, and when...
  3. California
    Anyone know of a good body shop in LA? I'm in Santa Monica, and banged up my passenger side fender pretty badly, on the wall lights exiting my building's parking garage, of all things! Initial estimate is 1300, so it will have to go through insurance. Thanks!
1-3 of 4 Results