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  1. Interior
    I am really interested in the for my car, but can't seem to find a paint code or match for the interior. I would like to keep my car as close to stock looking as possible, and I suppose I could go with the Unavi setup, but I am more interested in Carplay. Have any of you been able to color...
  2. Interior
    Hi, first let me say that this is my first DIY post and I hope it helps many GenCoupe users. When I was scouring the forums for this information, every search ends in a dead end. Plenty of people looking for information leading up to the actual removal of this trim piece but none that actually...
  3. Interior 2008-2012
    So I searched. Here and Google, didn't hit on anything. :dunno: So now I ask... has anyone done anything about the shifter and cup holder chrome trim? I just am not a fan of it. The door handles I can take (for now... may get them powder coated) but this plastic chrome is my only gripe...
  4. Exterior 2008-2012
    I'm pretty sure I remember some type of carbon fiber trim cover being sold to cover the top of the radiator where the air scoop was formerly (installed intake). I can't remember who was selling it and I can't find it again. Anyone know where to get it??:dunno:
  5. Texas
    Are any of you planning on going to the state fair or did go? I went a few days ago and I swear the trim on the genesis coupe they had at the auto show was real metal. Like it actually looked like metal grain and not dark gray painted plastic. Ive been going crazy trying to figure out if I was...
1-5 of 5 Results