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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys ! I just searched this up & I need some advice/help, so I just bought this 2010 genesis coupe 2L , and the engine light is on & it’s because needs a cat converter & also turbo is damaged & I can’t put it under my name since it needs to pass emissions & I went to a store to order the...
  2. General Discussion
    Good afternoon everyone, What’s your thoughts on letting a turbo charged engine cool down for 2-3 minutes before shutting the engine down? I was told by many to let it cool down for a few minutes before turning it off to help preserve the turbo life. I was also told that was more of a thing...
  3. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    so basically I have a 2012 2.0t (bk1) and want to swap a bk2 turbo in it I know I would need parts like the intercooler and a bk2 cat/o2 housing and probably a bk2 ecu. also I know the bk2 uses an electric wastegate actuator would I need like a bk2 engine wiring harness to connect up the...
  4. Engine 2.0T
    I have my 2.0t but it’s blowing white smoke on idle sometimes. It sometimes does it but it only seems to do it when I push the car a bit hard then I come home and park it and let it cool and boom white smoke. It smells like burning oil. But then if I rev it it’ll stop. I was thinking turbo, then...
  5. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Hi, I bought this kit : Exceldayne Bt-400 kit and i'm trying to figure out what is the brand name . I've search TD racing , Turbo Dynamics and i got no results.
  6. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    Hi all, there is a similar post out there of someone having this same issue but they were running a non-stock turbo unlike me. There is a rattling/grinding noise between 2000-2500rpm that is specific to that rev range, regardless of gear. It sounds like it is coming from the turbo side of the...
  7. Engine 2.0T
    Have a bk1 2.0t. Mods: turboxs sml bov and atp high pressure wastegate. The turbo still flutters after high throttle and only does the whoosh after low rpm throttle. Is the bov installed incorrectly? I have bypassed the solenoid. The atp wastegate was very stiff compared to oem one. Every time i...
  8. General Discussion
    Hello has anyone or is anyone currently running a bk2 2.0 engine with a bk1 2.0 turbo charger? Is there any benefit from it other than getting a louder turbo spool?
  9. Engine 2.0T
    Witam ktoś może mi nowoczesny rozstaw pinów wylotowych turbosprężarki w bk1 2.0T
  10. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I have a 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T Premium (97k miles, entirely stock) and I’ve recently had some issues. Check engine light came on last week but before that I tried accelerating my vehicle because it felt powerless, stepped the pedal to the floor and the RPMs went up but there was no power. Went...
  11. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    So, just installed a stage 2 stuffed turbo from 3Point8 Performance. Installation went well - been driving it at no boost or very small amounts (< 2psi). I'm facing this weird problem I didn't have with my stock turbo where, when in park, I can rev the car up to 2k or 3k RPMs and then I hear...
  12. 2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    i just recently got a tomei ball bearing turbo rated 400hp, would this be safe to swap on stock internals? would i need to tune it?
  13. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Hey y’all, I have a hot licks exhaust setup installed on my 2013 gen coupe 2.0t , I was using the hot licks exhaust on my original turbo from 2013 it eventually went out and needed to be replaced. When I picked it up I asked if the misfire button was safe to use or should I wait for a while so...
  14. Engine 2.0T
    just installed the arashi turbo to my genesis but don’t know where the bottom nipple goes, i know the top one goes to the solenoid but the one under idk.
  15. Engine 2.0T
    I recently bought a 16g dt05h arashi turbo and been looking for the gains it will give me on my 12 bk1 2.0 and not results. Im planning on going full e85 and 750cc injectors
  16. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Does anyone have any pictures of the coolant and oil lines running from their turbo? I'm just trying to make sure I dont have any lines plugged in incorrectly. Thank you!
  17. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I am looking at ISR PERFORMANCE EVO 9 20G BOLT-ON TURBO KIT GENESIS COUPE 2.0T 2010 - 2014 for $800 on Facebook market place is this a good deal and is it worth it?
  18. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I’ve read several posts about the 2.0 13s rattle, I have experienced the same rattle noise however it has gotten slightly worse now. Car was brought into the shop and was told I needed flex pipe replaced, noise was still present and after a second look I was told I was in need of a new turbo...
  19. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    could use some help if anyone has experienced this thank you in advance.. also at idle boost gauge shows its at -5psi ive checked hoses there all plugged in..
  20. General Discussion
    Yo guys I'm planning on doing an oil change for my gen coupe 2.0T and I was recommended to use the CRC intake valve and turbo cleaner spray before my oil change. The process seems simple, and a good maintenance point in these engines as they are GDI. However, this will be my first time and I'm...
1-20 of 97 Results