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  1. North East / New England
    Okay so I'm new to the forums and I've been trying to find a shop that does a good vinyl wrap. I'm looking for a matte turqoise color If you know of any please dont hesitate to leave a reply
  2. Texas
    Anyone know a good shop to do Vinyl on my roof in HOUSTON, TX?? NEWB with 14 G-Coupe 2.0t
  3. Exterior 2008-2012
    Hey guys just got my White 3.8 roof wrapped in Gloss Black. really looks good. Just wondering if the vinyl can go through a hand car wash? the place i go to uses a really strong dryer at the end of the wash. i was wondering if that might wrinkle the wrap or anything.. and any suggestions as to...
  4. Exterior 2013 and up
    Hey Guys Thought I would share a small mod I had done by GTA Wrapz in Vaughan, Ontario. I really couldn't stand all the chrome in the tail lights so i finally decided to do something about it. Also I got the amber reflector portion of the headlight covered by glossy black vinyl to hide the amber...
  5. California
    Looking for a professional car wrap shop in Orange County that does great job and has warranty from the product and work performed. I have a 11 Gen Coupe and I want to get the hood, side mirrors, rear trunk lip spoiler wrap and the shark fin antenna wrap in the 3M 1080 Carbon wrap. If anyone...
  6. Exterior 2008-2012
    I bought my coupe used and the tail lights have a single hole in the center of each of them, no cracking or anything its cleanly done but i want to tint my lights, would it look weird if i just did vinyl over them anyway? or run into problems in the future?
  7. Exterior 2008-2012
    Is there any tinted/smoked vinyl for the tail lights for the genesis coupe with cut outs available? Kind of like this picture on this g35.. Google Image Result for
  8. Exterior 2008-2012
    I know it sounds sketchy but it is nothing illegal. I need to change the color of my car with vinyl wrap temporarily for a few months. I am in an area where it attracts too much attention from a certain group of people because everyone knows I drive a yellow Gen Coupe, but I will be leaving the...
  9. South West / Rocky Mountain
    Anyone know a shop that could install my pre-cut roof vinyl? i have a sunroof and no experience with the stuff, so i dont want to try to do it myself and mess it up.
  10. Interior
    The final result: With all the craze for the 3m scotchprint carbon fiber and matte black car wraps. I set out to do a little searching :gc-google:, really to just learn more about scotchprint and what makes it so great. What I found was this: 3m offers a free (totally free, they even...
  11. Interior 2008-2012
    So I searched. Here and Google, didn't hit on anything. :dunno: So now I ask... has anyone done anything about the shifter and cup holder chrome trim? I just am not a fan of it. The door handles I can take (for now... may get them powder coated) but this plastic chrome is my only gripe...
  12. Exterior 2008-2012
    Hey guys I ordered these a few weeks ago and just put them on. Figured I'de post some pics and see what everyone thought. If any one is curious, I ordered them from Pictures by BlueBatmobile2005 - Photobucket
  13. Interior 2008-2012
    I meant to order the di-noc from ebay... But upon receiving it, it says nothing about di-noc. it says "scotchprint" <-- made by 3M I hate to bother anyone with this sort of question but is this the Carbon Fiber Di-Noc everyone uses for their interior??
  14. Exterior 2008-2012
    Ok, I'll admit up front, I have a self serving reason for this thread. I want to put some custom graphics on my Genesis, but I need some ideas. I noticed there wasn't really a thread for people to show off their custom graphics so I figured I'd start one. Besides, this is a great way for...
  15. Texas
    Hello! Well, I got 3 pm's with designs for the sticker to represent the Texas Owners. Here are the designs below! Please vote and spread the word for other members who may not be as active, but are interested in a sticker to come on and vote. I'm sending out pm's tonight to people on the TX...
  16. Texas
    hey everyone, im looking for a vinyl for my roof, gloss black or possibly carbon fiber. Anyone know someone local to the DFW or even somebody i could order from that the quality is good! Also my car is Aqua Mineral blue, has anyone Gloss blacked your roof? and how does it look and could you...
  17. Exterior
    SMOKED & RED-OUT Tail-light overlays now in stock! $28 shipped Gen Coupe Pre-cut Tail-light overlays now in stock! $28 shipped, covers both tail lights and include handling tabs to aid installation. These Overlays provide protection against damaging road debris and adds style. Years down the...
  18. Exterior 2008-2012
    Hey GenCoupe Members, We have recently released a few 3M CLEAR BRA pre cut kits for different vehicles and are wondering if GenCoupe members would have some interest in a real basic pre cut Hood, Fender, Headlight, and Mirror clear bra kit. When we say BASIC kit we know that the average person...
  19. California
    We need a Genesis Coupe with a sunroof to test fit our Black Vinyl Roof Overlay, We recently completed the overlay but have yet to find a GC with a sunroof for test fitting. If interested we are located in Ontario, California 91764. PM us for details, Thanks Our overlay is 100% seamless...
1-20 of 23 Results