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2.0T A/T Trans Cooler - air bubbles in line?

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I installed my AEM intercooler setup this week and had to remove the trans cooler lines to reroute it to the intercooler shroud.

Is it possible there are air bubbles in the lines, like there were in the radiator?
How can I check it to tell, and how could I fix it? ATF dripped out of the cooler and lines when moving it.
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Any air would quickly get pumped out when you started the car.
You have any pictures of your setup? I have yet to see how it would work
I'm more of a visual person. :)
Any air would quickly get pumped out when you started the car.
Really? The radiator didn't, and I had to pull air bubbles out.

You have any pictures of your setup? I have yet to see how it would work
I'm more of a visual person. :)
it was hard to get pics of relocating the trans cooler, but Kleindl gave me some encouragement. I used a dremel and notched the intercooler shroud to hold the trans cooler. I moved the hoses from in front of the bumper to behind, so it's in the same place just behind the intercooler. It sits between the intercooler and fan, so the fan will be pulling air through it.

It sits against the fan housing and the pressure keeps it in place. I'm considering throwing an L bracket in there just for added measure, but I couldn't force it to move. Still, it scares me a little that it may fall into the fan blade. I don't think it will, but an L bracket will give me that added comfort.

HyundaiParts4Less gave me next day shipping and was a great price. Thanks! :bigthumbup:

Here are pics from the install. First... the before and after of the engine bay:

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imagine this picture... I just unbolted the three bolts on the left with blue paint on them (two on the A/T cooler and one holding the lines) and I moved it to where the factory intercooler is, directly under the radiator. It sits more in the center than to the left, since the hose is longer not having to go in front. Just make sure the hoses don't kink. I pushed one of the hoses further onto the nipple to take out the kink, making the hose 1/2" shorter and a better turn without kinks.

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So you almost just switched where the transcooler and intercooler were from the stock location? lol... Looks good.
yeah, when you put it that way, pretty much. :rofl: Just moved the trans cooler hoses behind the radiator.
Awesome work man! I'm afraid of taking the plunge on the intercooler because of warranty crap.
Thanks man been waiting on someone to give me some idea of where to move the cooler to thanks so much
Hey, is there a way you can make a DIY on how to move the transcooler? :)
I replaced mine with a 4 tube and fin cooler. Here is what I did.

Need 4 good hose clamps, ~10' of 3/8" hose (I use fuel line hose) and some PS fluid for top off.

Take off the bumper cover. Remove the front bottom plastic shield. Remove cooler and hose.

Put one end of new hose on either of the ends and run it to where you want to mount the cooler. Mount cooler and cut hose. Run hose back to the other end. It's really simple.

Beware that where you put the new hose it does not rub or get kinked.

Here is my OEM one moved with the Lovefab IC.

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@LJ - if I ever pull it back out, I'll definitely take pictures, but it's not something I'm eager to do right now. On the back of the AEM intercooler shroud, I made notches so the A/T trans cooler would fit inside.

If you notice in this pic, the right side has a dip in the pipe. I cut the notch so the rest of the cooler would go inside the shroud. There's another notch on the other side for a similar dip in the pipe. Install/IMAG0239.jpg

@ Red - I don't see your trans cooler. Aren't those power steering lines?
eh.. maybe if we get a warm weekend soon I'll rip it out and post pictures.

Back to the topic title... Anyone have any suggestions for how to bleed my Trans Cooler, or make sure bubbles are out of the line? I don't want to lose my transmission due to 90-100 degree heat and hard driving.
@ Red - I don't see your trans cooler. Aren't those power steering lines?
Your right I don't have one. I moved the PS cooler.
did you have to pull out your radiator to take out the stock intercooler ?
No. The radiator does not need to be touched. Just the upper/right radiator hose.
I see you been running with this intercooler for sometime now. Have you had any problems ? Iv been looking at get this system, your the only A/T person iv seen with the AEM system. Just looking for help
There are a few aem setups on A/t. I think Kleindl is auto, and I know two guys in Ohio have AEM, one with a 16g turbo swap. No issues at all. I really like AEM, short direct pipes, air shroud, works nicely. I have probably 15-20k miles on it
Depending on how much ATF fluid let leak out, Your ATF could be low.

As far as bleeding the coolant system, you are suppose to set the climate control to high heat, this will open up the heater core (small radiator) and let the coolant cycle so you can keep filling it until its full, and you are suppose to have the engine running as you do this.
not much ATF leaked, only a little from what was in the cooler itself. I know how to bleed the coolant system, but I want to know if I need to bleed the ATF for the trans cooler, since it seems that it could get air bubbles more easily than the radiator.
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