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I am considering buying a Genesis Coupe '11 with 2.0t Theta engine. I am experienced mechanic and actual racing driver (TimeAttack, 400hp+ RWD Monster), and this would be my daily drive.

I really enjoyed driving the Genesis Coupe 2.0t even on limp mode, but this car SCREAMS for mods, and being basically a Evo X engine (is this correct?) i see tons of potential here. Only 2.0t is available as manual here.

I'd like to fix the engine power issue, with target of 400hp.

What kind of modifications are required for this? Newer model Turbo, Fuel Injectors, IC, Fuel pump, oil cooler and ECU tuning is my assumption.

I am AMAZED how much space there is, and how tuner friendly the engine base looks to be.
(Further mods include front bumper/splitter, rear window spoiler, trunk spoiler, BC Racing coilover suspension)

I inted to keep this car for upto 4 years or 50 000km which ever comes first and it needs to remain extremely reliable (i will use the car for work, more i can use it for work, less i need to use a f%¤"#%¤#%¤#ng van!)
Starting point is a stock northern europe spec 2.0t, which does comes with 19" wheels like track spec BUT with some of the luxuries removed from track spec.

Thanks for answers upfront! ^_^
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