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2011 Canadian International Auto Show

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Hi Folks.

Was Just curious to see if there will be other Gen Coupe owners like me attending the show in Toronto this year. The Details are:

February 18 – 27, 2011

10:30 AM – 10:00 PM (February 18 – 26)
10:30 AM – 6:00 PM (February 27)

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
North & South Building
255 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2W6

I like to attend annually just to see what's out there and what new things are on the horizon. I go during the week when the traffic is a little lighter.

Plus this will be the first show where I might actually walk through the Mod area in the Rogers Centre to see if there are any toys for the coupe.

Anybody going to be there with their car on display? Would stop by for a hello.
Also, would be cool if we knew ahead of time if some of our Vendors would be in attendance.
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I'll be there during my reading week. (Feb 19-27, Not sure which day yet)

Would be pretty cool to get a convoy of GCs going down though.
I'll likely be going. Not sure which day.
I may stop in. I have to get my coupe ready for the beginning of march though for Performance world so I've using all the spare time I get to tinker lol
yup. I go every year.
Ill be going with a couple friends, not sure which day, if dates match up maybe we can meet up. Good point about the parts vendors, Ill actually pay attention this year, maybe I can find some wheels.
Dont know which day but I'll also be going. Hoping the 2012 civic concepts are there so i can see in person how similiar some of the lines on the SI are to the Genesis to taunt my friends about Honda wanting to look like Hyundai. Although I hope that the story of the K20 busted engine pushing 240 is just a rumour. Otherwise might need to change my name or put some more money aside for some mods. Also be keeping a close eye on what is on the vendors this year also.
i think i'm going! falls on Reading Week wooooooo
yup, i'll go! lets set a meet up!
I am totally up for this. Lets set this up!
I'll be there for sure... I'll probably end up buying the 2 day pass [will have to go one day with my dad lol]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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