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Tire Replacement - 2011 Grand Touring Stock Rims

It's time for my third set of tires (almost at 85K miles now). My second set of tires are Goodyear Eagle RS/A and while they lasted about 40K miles, the ride wasn't that great. I'm no longer in sunny SoCal and I have a lot of nice mountain roads to drive up here in NorCal (Western Sierra Nevada Foothills) with more rain and now snow to deal with. I have been looking at:

Falken Pro G4 A/S (45K warranty)
Continental Extreme Contact DW (no mileage warranty)
Yokohama YK740 GTX (60K warranty)
Continental Control Contact A/S (50K warranty)

Any thoughts on these or suggestions for any I haven't looked at?

BTW, I still get compliments on this car (quite often) and people can't believe I have close to 85K miles on her. She is such a kick to drive still!
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