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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share my story and get advice from the experts on here on potential solutions or ideas what the problem may be.

Story time: So Thursday before last I went out to my car to go to work in the morning and the car turned over and cranked up and went instantly dead. After this I continued to try to get it to stay cranked but all the car would do is turn over and you could hear the rpm's of the engine increase until it hit a point where it would get some power but then it would just go dead.
Took it into the dealer later that day and waited a couple days to see what they said was wrong with it. Well my dealership comes back and tells me they found no compression and that the engine would need to be rebuilt or replaced. I asked if he had his mechanic check the timing chain but he said they did not. All he did was take a peek under the valve cover and such. Well they told me I'd have to get it taken apart for a deeper inpection which would cost 100 dollars if the repair isn't covered by warranty. My car has 65k miles on it and gets regular oil changes done by myself (they asked for receipts which I provided) ... My cars been with them now for 11 days now and I'm not sure how much longer this will take.

Any thoughts on what might be the cause of this? It ran just fine the day before.

Thanks in advance.

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the fact that they didn't tell you which cylinder didn't have compression would make me suspicious.
have them do a compression test with you present so you can see for yourself.

Checking valve timing is easy enough without the valve cover on. It's like another 5~10 minutes with the valve cover already off. Not sure why they didn't just check.

Too bad that it's at the dealer. Since it turns over, the first thing I would have checked were the injector and ecu fuses and relays.
If they are good, then get a can of starting/fogging spray used for lawn mowers from walmart, have someone crank and spray some into the intake and see if tries to start.
This would tell you that the engine is getting spark.
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