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Soooo..... I'm almost at the point where I can finally buy one of these and although I do know a lot about this car I want to know from a person that actually owns one of the 2013 2.0T and what common issues are there. I'm kind of passed the point where I just go on for hours searching things up on YouTube and getting info. I know there's some smart folks in this forum I'm always reading around.
  • So common issues are a big thing I want to know about
  • I also want to know how often the turbo needs to be replaced (im looking at cars that have around 150,000Kms on em if that helps)
  • I saw the accelerator the car has and it looks kin of weird its like a long weirdly shaped rectangle, is it comfortable??
  • Would an oil catch can help with anything?​
  • How long can I drive for in one trip before the car starts acting weird (in better words what's the longest you've driven in one trip)​
I have seen a lot of vids around already giving the answers to these questions but I want to know from somebody that's actually an owner and not car reviewer going on about "hey if you're 6ft tall good luck driving this car). Hope I get some responses the forum isn't as popping as it once was but hey hope people come across this.

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Let's see...

There's the passengers side fender creak which you will hear during a test drive. Nothing serious, can just be annoying depending on how loud it is. Some cars have it, some don't.
I'm at 106,000 miles, modified, and my turbo is fine.
Accelerator is fine. It's just like most of the car I've driven/owned.
Longest trip was a bit over 2,000 miles in four days without issues.
Catch can isn't "needed" since these are not direct injection, but I'm always a bit "ewwww" when I empty mine out in the winter lol

Maintenance and don't beat the crap out of the car :)
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Change the oil every 3k, full synthetic, your engine and turbo especially will last a lifetime. OEM Turbos seem to start blowing when running super high boost tunes..>28 PSI (18-20 PSI stock). I have a alphaspeed tune at 22PSI and it’s been 4 years no issue.
  • AC compressors seem to go exactly at 40k
  • LOTS of creaks and rattles
  • Once it flooded badly in my neighborhood and i had to get my throw out bearing replaced..the car was still drivable but there was a loud whining from the transmission
  • Catch can definitely isn’t required but will help your engine run cleaner
  • Accelerator pedal feels average, no problem there
  • I’ve had my car since 12k miles, it’s now 63k and have not had any major issue at all. The longest drive was probably 3 hours one way and 3 hours back. No issue
Above all the Genesis 2.0 is a solid car for the money. id recommend getting a 2014 2.0 as it comes with a slightly stronger block as well as carbon coated synchros in the transmission. when you get one the first thing i recommend over any other mod is a canned tune from alphaspeed. you don’t need any other mods, it will work fine with the OEM parts. goodluck!
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