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Hey Guys/Girls,

This is probably a common issue, but my 2013 Gencoupe developed a massive oil leak loosing a liter in only 100km before I randomly checked my oil level and was like normally doesn't burn a drop between changes, was down a whole liter. Looked underneath to see a constant drip of oil.

I had just driven over 500km 2 days before on a cruise, which would have been a blown engine easily before I noticed.

Turns out it was a crack on the block side of the turbo oil feed tube, requiring immediate replacement. Upon removal and inspection, it looks to be a fatigue crack caused by engine vibration over time.

My car had 142,000km on it, so it seems a regular 100-120k replacement interval should ensure its replaced before leaking again, causing oil starvation and a blown engine.

Just putting it out there for others to know, and to keep an eye on as our cars start to rack up the miles and become older models. I'm glad I could replace it before it caused more damage, as a $95 pipe is much cheaper than a new engine.

I have attached some photos for people to see, and to know what to look for.

Just my 2 cents........always remember maintenance is cheaper than repairs, and being able to choose when your car is down is much more convenient than it deciding for you




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Being a banjo fitting, instead of the oem rigid line which is subject to NVH. Replace with a similar diameter banjo fitting and stainless braided PTFE lined. Will never crack or leak. Get it from FRAGOLA fittings.
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