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Every time it rains , water is in my trunk?? I think its being forced in from the wheels

2015-2017- I first noticed water issues in my coupe...was the 2nd year I owned it, but I believe it was leaking since birth. Thinking it was a little funny I jammed my hand in there and sloshed the water around, unknowing of the ecosystem of small worms and bugs were growing in there.
I took it into to Hyundia and they seemed to think the "sunroof drains that come down thru the truck were plugged"...... There was more then 2 inches of dirt water, laying where the sunroof drain tubes connect. (Being a comedian I obviously informed him I don't drive with my sunroof open in the rain..ha)

Being a plumber I'm pretty decent in seeing where was a leak was, even if its not wet when I'm there. Dirty water especially leaves a trail. Shortly after I still noticed water coming in, Anyways.. I can clearly see that water is being forced into the trunk..

2018- The Second time I brought my coupe to Hyundia, they took off my rear bumper, and they told me it looks like the factory, forgot to install a bumper seal, and now all will be well.
From what I can tell they "sealed" the trunk from the inside they best they could anyways. Looks like hammed ****
(If you ever have used a silicone gun you know that you cant really get in some spots, so you jam it/brush it in...)

2022- Fast forward till now, rust is starting up inside the trunk liner is so water damaged that its garbage, my jack is rusty and everything I put in my trunk gets soaked

Has anyone else had this issue???????????


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Test the sunroof drains. Open the sunroof and pour some water into the drains and wait for it to fall out the bottom of the car.

More than likely, its the tail light seals since that is ungodly common. I ended up taking some vinyl tape and just made it so that water can't come down the trunk drain thing on the sides and under the top of the taillight. It worked, so I kept it. Just looks "wtf" when you open the trunk -___-
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