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2nd test/tune info meeting Has been scheduled for OGC members

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I just confirmed that the second date for the Test and tune information meeting
will be Feb. 2nd at Dave and Busters for around 8pm

Here is the link for more info:
TLC Meet #2- Dinner and Track Info Session Feb 2nd 2011 -

It'll be virtually the same as the last one with a few more updates

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so nobody is interested in going?
Hi Andrew, I'll be coming out again this coming Wednesday with my cousin. We had a good time with the Lancer club and if there's more info then that's great. Will you be able to make it this time?
i'm going to try. my work schedule has had me bouncing back and forth from nights and days , life of a trucker i guess. i know more next week. Shaun really loved having everyone out he said you guys had a blast, made me jealous of missing out on it lol
Yes, we did have a good time getting to know each other during the evening and talking cars. The arcade is a lot of fun and it would be even better if we get a larger turnout.
Do we know if this is still a go with the storm expected for tomorrow?
as far as I know this is still a go. The storm is supposed to be over by the afternoon tomorrow!
Here is more of an incentive to try and make it out tonight guys

Seibon is sponsoring the event as well their will me a marketing rep for sailun tires to go more in depth on what their expectations are!
Did anyone make it out last night? I didn't go as I had a wonderful time getting all the snow out of my driveway. The roads here were pretty lousy and Brampton drivers are not the best as you know. Let's here how it went if anyone attended.
I haven't heard, ill hear from shawn soon though.
I read the updates on the evolution x board and from the looks of it there were at least seven people there. I would like to hear of the updates on the tire testing. Hopefully the weather is better next time.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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