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Based in NY. As the title says. Selling the exhaust manifold and piping all the way to the secondary catalysts. No catback or mufflers. Cats are clean and no leaks in the piping (see pics below).

20191104_071812_1574107267170.jpg 20191104_071912_1574107337147.jpg

20191104_071924_1574107389710.jpg 20191104_071953_1574107428959.jpg


This is just the piping only and does not come with any hardware.

What you need:
-Exhaust Manifold, Midpipe, Secondary Cat Gaskets and nuts
-Catback of your choice

What you want:
-Heat shielding to make the engine bay pretty
-Pre-existing O2 sensors and exhaust hangers

Feel free to DM me offers. Available for pickup or we can negotiate shipping.

Wanted to post this here first as a little thank you for the guys in the forums that helped me out with my own setup :)
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