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I have a link of computers for sale from my google drive. Price is negotiable, I am looking to sell 2 of the 3 (I will probably want to keep the full tower/I won't get much back in terms of investment).

MSI Ghost Pro 044 i7-4710 + GTX 970m 3GB + 16 GB RAM ($1400 OBO)
This is an ultra thin gaming computer (I don't game, I use the CUDA cores for high end simulations for GPU processing).

Here is a link to Amazon: : MSI Computer GS60 GHOST PRO-044;9S7-16H512-044 15.6-Inch Laptop : Computers & Accessories

I installed 16GB (2 sticks) of 1600 Mhz DDR3 RAM, therefore the warranty sticker has been removed (they still honor warranty that is non RAM related).

This computer has a 128 MSATA.2 drive (SSD) + 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drive for additional storage. This is a very nice laptop for anyone who needs a desktop replacement that is mobile. Has been used for less than a year and it comes with the original box and factory sleeve. The laptop also comes with a Opolar cooler (helped for additional cooling, but not necessary).

Corsair Air 240 , i7-4790k, 16GB 2133 Mhz RAM (2x8GB), EVGA GTX 970 4GB, Water Cooler (h100i), ASUS Z97-PLUS($1400 OBO)
This is a very nice custom computer I built, there are less than a month use on all of these parts (As of 9/28/2015).

It has the i7-4790k which can be overclocked (it is slightly overclocked, 15% and does not have stability issues).

For Storage, the computer has a 250 GB Samsung SSD + 64 GB Kingston SSD (MSATA to SATA adapter) + 1TB hard drive.

This computer is DUAL BOOT (Hackintosh Mac OS 10.10.5 + Windows 10).

This computer would be perfect for anyone that is in some video production (You can use CUDA cores to accelerate rendering/exporting) and for someone that does any hard core gaming (4K Gaming!).

Silverstone Full Tower ATX, i7-4930k, 16GB 2133 MHz RAM (2x8GB), PNY GTX 780Ti, Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4, Water Cooler(H100i), Noctua ultra silent case fans. ($1800 OBO)

This machine is my work horse (I will most likely keep it, doubtful anyone wants to shell out $$$ on the forums), has been my CFD simulation machine (In fact it was faster than the cluster we had at the University). The i7-4930k is a 12 core (6 physical + 6 hyperthreaded) CPU. I am getting about a 17000 Passmark CPU score overclocked slightly.

The CPU + Motherboard alone cost over 1k, the GTX 780Ti was about 700 when I bought it (new).

It comes with Windows 10 installed, I can easily Hackintosh it (I was dual booting before I decided to build another system with some of its components). Perfect compatibility with Linux.

It also has a Soundgraph media center installed (has a remote to control the computer as well).
Optical Drive = LG Blueray RW.

It has a 240 GB OCZ Vertex SSD + 3 TB Storage
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