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A/T temp sensor mount?

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just wondering if/how any of you auto guys have mounted a trans temp gauge yet. i got the pillar pod on the way and was looking for a way to mount a trans gauge, any info you guys might have on how/where to mount the sensor would be very appreciated.
Thanks :)
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GCkid did it and i'm doin the same thing, just haven't mounted it yet due to lack of a gauge pod. Basically, go to the dealership and order an extra transmission overflow bolt and gasket. Then you just have to drill and tap it for the sensor and run the wiring. When I went they ended up getting me the fill bolt instead of the overflow, but I still got it to work. Search for project tiger blood on the forum, he has pics posted of it. I'll have mine up in a month or so.

EDIT: the reason I say order one is in case something gets screwed up, that way you don't have to worry about the one already on the tranny. Also, if you lay down next to the driverside and look at the side of the transmission, it's the big bolt, 24mm I think.
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I did it ... theres a plug on the passenger side of the transmisson ... Im a little busy today but if you pm me your number and can send you pic's tomorrow or something to give you an idea ?
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