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Accessory mode not working

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Hi, I recently bought a 2010 3.8 grand touring 6 speed , and I can’t seem to get the car into accessory mode. I use to have a 2010 2.0t so I know how it should work. But even when I don’t press any peddles and push the start button, the car automatically starts. Any idea what it could be from? Or why it does that?
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Manual - clutch pedal switch

Automatic - brake pedal switch.

Get under there and just unplug it and try going into acc mode.
If it works, then replace the switch, if not, tuen its something else
I am currently experiencing the same issue. I have a 2011 3.8 Track coupe. The push start flashes red/amber 5 times and does nothing. Not even acc mode. My lamp switch is fine it’s auto with shiftronic
The battery is 12.7 volts. All the fuses are great and all have continuity. My owners manual says specifically if struggling to go to acc mode move the steering will to the right to hit the steering switch or something. Still didn’t work. I am going to try and get a new push start ignition switch and a steering wheel interlock switch thing. My brake light works. Everything works except the windows and the radio and clock and accessory mode. When wire tapping the modules of 1 and 5 on the module relay the clock and the radio come on.

I believe it something steering sensor according to owner manuals s.

I am gettin immobilizer, ignition push start, steering sensor thing and the key fob holder thingy
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