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Has anyone ever herd of AGP or their products?
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Yes. Several people here run AGP catch cans, and other stuff, on their cars.
oh i just cam across their intercooler kit and it looks really well designed. i just dont know the quality of their products.
oh i just cam across their intercooler kit and it looks really well designed. i just dont know the quality of their products.
All there products are top notch. Ran everything AGP on my SRT-4, now running AGP products on my Genesis

You want be disapointed
Do you have their intercooler?
I installed their intercooler about a month before the car went away for winter, and the kit makes good power. The quality is great, I ordered their powder coated piping and the finish was perfect.
AGP = High quality products. I've got their oil accumulator & breather. I will also be running their internal WGA.
Oh sweet something tobthink about now
I like spool had a bunch of their stuff on my old srt-4 and am now running their intercooler and have a few other things ordered for the gen. Amazing products!!
AGP is high quality stuff, i'm running their front mount and have to say that i am
100% in love with it, anything AGP is good stuff, buy it up, they still have their
front mount kits on sale $700 bucks for a complete front mount + options, it's
biggest core around and offers complete pipe replacement.
Front mount?
Front mount?
FMIC/front mount intercooler. Some cars have side/top mount intercoolers.
Oo ok I just didn't know the terminology. I'm def thinking bout gettin it
Running their catch can and breather. love it. great quality, just solid.
I worked with AGP to design and develop this stuff back two years ago when I got the first 2.0T Track in Arizona... Makes me happy you guys have such good things to say about these guys. They make stand up quality products for prices not matched by others for terms of support and love these guys try to bring to market.

Unfortunatly if the market doesnt pick up more for the GenCoupe I dont know if the guys there will stay producing specific challenging to make parts (such as the fmic kit).

There were way too many sitting on the back shelves last time I was at the shop with another project Im working on.

Anyway for the FMIC kit you will not go wrong and you will never have to upgrade again.

Anyway peace

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Holy crap!! I hope they keep goin with this platform!! I need them to make a turbo kit lol.
too bad no vendors on here
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