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I'm on a trip from Philadelphia, to Orlando, FL where I currently am. I went to walmart, I had about a 5 pound bag that I put on the my passenger seat. I turned the car on and the airbag icon came on on the dash where the cel light is. The manual says its a system restraint light. The passenger air bag OFF above the dash isn't on like it normally is or it isn't lit up. I tried, restarting the car (duh), taking the battery off for 60 seconds and putting it back on, and checked the fuse at least the only fuse I looked at were the two air bag ones. When I took out the the fuse that is for the passenger airbag the light went off, and when I put the fuse back in the light where the speedo is came back on. Anyone had any similar problems issues tips etc? On a trip with the Genny being ****ed up sucks.

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this one?

If the occupant classification system
is not working properly, the
SRS air bag warning light on the
instrument panel will illuminate
because the passenger's front air
bag is connected with the occupant
classification system
. If there is a
malfunction of the occupant classification
system, the "PASSENGER
AIRBAG OFF" indicator will not illuminate
and the passenger's front
air bag will inflate in frontal impact
crashes even if there is no occupant
in the front passenger's seat.
does not illuminate when the ignition
switch is turned to the ON
position, remains illuminated after
approximately 6 seconds when the
ignition switch is turned to the ON
position, or if it illuminates while
the vehicle is being driven, have an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer inspect
the occupant classification system
and the SRS air bag system as
soon as possible.
read your owners manual for more info.

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+1 to whatnot

May just be a loose wire or connection. Saw a similar situation a while back with another member and it turned out to be one of the connections had come loose. Once the dealer checked and reseated the connector, everything was fine. Took them all of an hour to get it fixed.

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I thought that was the "if you have beer goggles, take her home & plug-n-play with no protection, this is what could happen in 9mos" icon....

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