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Any low mileage 2.0's w/ LSD want to swap rear pumpkins w/ a 6sp 3.8 LSD?

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Guys I want to swap rear pumpkins w/ a local low mileage 2.0 6sp manual TRACK or R-Spec driver. I have a Track model w/ only 4500 miles on it so I need someone that has an LSD and preferably lowish miles

Apparently swapping out the pumpkins alone is quite easy and requires virtually no set up and doesn't effect your speedometer either.

You should get improved acceleration in the first 3 gears and better mpg up top. I should get better acceleration everywhere w/ a slight drop in mpg.

We can even make the swap 'temporary' so that we can both evaluate the change. If either of us doesn't like it we can just swap back.
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Make sure you post this in the 2.0 section.

Definitely interested in the results! :D

EDIT: Just realized this was in the South section... perfect spot for it. I was thinking it was the V6 section. Good luck!
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