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Anyone down for IFO: Bella Rose?

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I will be going, it's Feb. 13th, which is a Sunday. It's around 2 hours from Mobile. They have drag racing, drifting, and the car show, along with all the other things that go along with a big show. Hopefully a lot of you will want to go. Post here if you want to go...
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I'll be there, Adam.
Open Grip/Drift Session from 9am - Noon.
I'll be road coursing my coupe for that time.

And it's Belle Rose, not Bella Rose.

Every year, Import Face Off at NPR is one of the best events in Louisiana. It's consistently better every year.
This marks my 8th straight in a row.
More Info for those possibly interested....

$6000+ in cash and trophies. Don't miss out!

NOS Energy Drink's IMPORT FACE-OFF presented by LeBlanc Nissan on February 13th, 2011 at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana. Visit for series info.

- Car/Truck/Bike Show
- 1/4 Mile Drag Racing (competition or test and tune)
- Stereo Crank it up Contest (Usaci double points)
- Burnout Contest (time permitting)
- Vendors midway (open expo for area shops)
- DJs, Raffles, and Giveaways
- Open Road Course Drift or Grip Lapping

DRAG CLASSES AND PAYOUTS (full rules on IFO website)
FWD Q8- 1st $800, R/U $400, Semi 1 $100, Semi 2 $100
FIP Q8 - 1st $700, R/U $300, Semi 1 $100, Semi 2 $100
FIS Q8/16 - 1st $200, R/U $100, Semi 1 $50, Semi 2 $50
AMP Q4- 1st $400, R/U $200
AMS Q4 - 1st $200, R/U $100
OL Q4- 1st $350, R/U $150
BR - 1st $150, R/U $50
*complete fields rqd for full payout
TNT - open to any make/model

Spectator $15 with flier (reg $17) ok to print flier below off computer
Children 10 and under FREE
Test and Tune Racer $25 (open to any make/model)
Competition Racer $25 (imports/sport compacts only)
Car show entry $25 (comes with free 1 yr PAS magazine subscription)
Road Course $25 (9am to 12pm only)

If you would like to help pass out fliers while making some extra cash, please email your 1) full name, 2) complete mailing address, and 3) amount of fliers you'd like (envelope of 200 or box of 500) to [email protected] Promoters are assigned a number and are paid on commission, $2 for every flier that comes in with your number on it. Spectators bring in the fliers because of the $2 off admission coupon. Checks are mailed out within a week after the event. The program pays well if you get enough fliers out. There are successful, repeat promoters every year at every location. Here is what the flier looks like...

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Sweet, I'll see you there.
Sweet, I'll see you there.
FYI... NPR is in the middle of nowhere, and is an 1:15 from my house.
You should plan to leave with about 3 hours on the road from Mobile.
If you need a place to crash, I have a guest bedroom at my house.

Text or call me if you have any problems headed over there. Nav units get the address wrong usually.


2 weeks!
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