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I'm looking for a Camera Mount that I can use in the car, specifically one that can adjust the camera to look outside the front windshield, or even adjust to look at the driver.

I am aware of the HD Hero that a lot of you use (found it via the Search button) but as I want to use it with both an SLR and a HD Camcorder, I need to find a more general solution.

I've only seen two so far, one by a company called Hague and another by a company called RAM Mount.

Has anyone had any experiences with the Hague or RAM Mount that could give a review of either. Mainly I'm trying to decide if the Hague is worth the extra money.

The RAM Mount Setup is about $45 where the Hague Setup is 159. The Hague is the nicer of the two setups but is three times the cost. The Hague is really nice as the mount can be used inside or outside of the car.

Has anyone used any other mounts?

I'm not interested in the HD Hero mainly due to the cost and that I don't need yet another camera / camcorder. Otherwise, I would probably go with that unit.

Also, I need the camera by the front windshield, so off the rear deck, back seat, or head rests will not work.

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I cannot say that I've used either brands for camera mounting, but I have used a RAM mount for a portable GPS and can verify that they are STRONG mounts. Their suction cup system is very easy to use and will stay put on glass until you're ready to remove it!
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