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Ark Tecno Clearance

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We have ONE Tecno tip exhaust for the 2.0T left that we're trying to get rid of... That means you save big time!!!

Shoot me a PM .

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BNIB exhaust, ready to ship IMMEDIATELY!

Trying to move this exhaust ASAP so I won't turn any reasonable offer down.

It includes down pipe AND test pipe.
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PM me a price sir.
PM price shipped to 00969 (puerto rico)

PM price to 32003 please if still available.
Pic showed for 3.8
Is it for 3.8?
Pic showed for 3.8
Is it for 3.8?
Clearly says for a 2.0t
Sold this exhaust, but have new stock now available at GREAT pricing!


Is there really a significant difference between the 2.0 and 3.8?
^^ yes there is the 2.0 goes from 1 pipe into 2 while the 3.8s is a true dual so 2 to 2? :D :rofl:
making anymore? or getting anymore?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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