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Following are some example topics that could benefit from having a TECH EXCHANGE article written. This is not to say these are the only topics that will be considered, but can serve as a starting point for ideas.

General Topics:

How to Buy a GenCoupe
How to Winterize your GenCoupe
How to Prepare for Dyno Testing
GenCoupe power ratings

Technical Topics:

GenCoupe Intake manifold
GenCoupe Fuel injection
GenCoupe Exhaust manifold
GenCoupe Headers
GenCoupe Fuel system
GenCoupe Body kits conversions
GenCoupe Body repairs
GenCoupe Transmission removal
GenCoupe Safety ratings
GenCoupe Engine oil change
GenCoupe Transmission oil change
GenCoupe Differential oil change
GenCoupe Tire Wear
GenCoupe Tire Inspection & Rotation
GenCoupe Tire Alignment
GenCoupe Suspension Features
GenCoupe Springs
GenCoupe Shock Absorbers
GenCoupe Air Filter
GenCoupe Disc Brakes
GenCoupe Big Brake Conversion
GenCoupe Headlight Conversion
GenCoupe Headlight Swap
GenCoupe ipod adapter
GenCoupe Battery replacement

Common Problems:

GenCoupe engine stalling
GenCoupe engine won't start
GenCoupe engine oil leak
GenCoupe engine dies
GenCoupe engine knock
GenCoupe engine ticking noise
GenCoupe engine break-in period
GenCoupe engine codes
GenCoupe emissions testing

Ready to start? Avoid disappointment by discussing your topic with the TECH EXCHANGE Editor and getting a pre-approval.

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