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Backup Sensor Project - Video

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Well I got my backup sensors for $27. Amazing deal. Here is a video, I will update as I progress.
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Nice, Can't wait to see it done:)

Another reason to have it, the GC has a tall ass.

I need something for my front bumper when I order it :p. Don't want to crack it.

Question for OP: Can you order the sensors in different colors?

I could use this.

How is it powered?
Like mcjazzy said, does it come in different colours? Or can I paint the sensors without ruining them?
Can I use only 2 or 1 of the sensors instead of all 4?
Folks, I am just waiting for some warmer weather.. so hold tight and I will update with video so you can all see how it installs.
I am real close to doing this now. I have been watching and reading tons on how to install them perfectly. Here is a pic as to where I plan to install them. I hope this is the optimum location. Coupe/2010/2CO Grand Touring/rearview.jpg
Well I tried to give it a go today, but sorry to say too bloody cold friends. I did have a good peak from underneath and I sense I will need to access the sensors and the wiring through the trunk. But since I am dealing with plastic pieces, it will go much better once it is above freezing. So I apologize for those who may be waiting. If anyone wants to help, see if you can access the bumper area where I will need to drill into the bumper from inside the trunk. I assume I will have to remove the trunk liner and a few other bits and pieces. There seems to be only a few areas I can drill and not hit metal.

Here is a link to a photo showing the placement of the backup sensors.

Edit: I too a more serious look and discovered there appears to be a thicker piece of plastic along the bumper, I guess for protection. My worry is, if I drill the hole for the sensor it may not fit properly. I am hoping it will, but this is looking to be way more involved than the video on the Civic. Can anyone who is more mechanically inclined perhaps suggest a plan of attack...
Sounds like a great project dude. First, if you are not already doing this already, I suggest that you take the rear bumper off before you do anything. There are a lot of plastic pieces and braces back there that you may have to strategically avoid. As for routing the wires, there should already be a location to bring the wires through in the chassis, maybe the shop manual has more info on that.

Before you drill the hole, cover the area with tape and mark it. The tape will help stop the plastic from possibly chipping or deforming, I suggest tuck tape or masking tape. I would hope that the drill that they supplied you is a hair smaller that what you will need as it is easier to go at the hole with a round edge file or dowel w/sandpaper to make it bigger than it is to make the hole smaller ;). Also be sure that when you do have the placement correct, drill a pilot hole first.

Hope those suggestions help. Good luck! I have a question though, are all 4 sensors needed, or could 2 be utilized, say on each side of the license plate? Then maybe mount the other two up front to give you audible front bumper warning. That would be handy as I am am very paranoid about bumping my lower bumpers on curbs! I always get out and realize I am like 1 foot from the curb lol.
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Group installation in GTA perhaps?

btw, if u are lookin' for somethin' to adhere the sensor to the backside of
the bumper cover, look @ some tape called butyl tape or butyl glazing tape..
i think i still have some at home....
these tapes are amazing, it's like gum-gum where u can molded like
putty, and rip it apart when u need to..

however i j/ read up you've mentioned that there is a thickness of material
u have to deal with....hope you get that sort out soon!

Good luck!
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Updates? I see that these sensor kits go for as little as $15 on eBay
^ I message the OP about a month ago to see how things were progressing but haven't heard back. :dunno:
Have you done this yet iammarkus? Its not getting any warmer here. Nice thread btw, I'm very interested to see how this turns out. Is there specific placement requirements for these?
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