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Base Model Alarm System Disarm...

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Ok heres the deal, I lost my keys, locked out of my coupe.

I'm going to have another key cut at Service by giving them my vin. Problem is, they can't program the remote without the car being there!

Im worried about getting to my coupe and not being able to kill the alarm if I open the door with just the ignition key. How do I disable the alarm system without having the remote?

I used to work for Hyundai and I know theres a trick with the same exact key transmitter for the old Elantra:

Insert key into door, unlock drivers side door.

Insert key into ignition cylinder, turn to A/C position.

Depress brake pedal for 10 seconds.

Turn key back to OFF then to A/C then to ENGINE ON.

Can anyone verify that this works for me?

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have you, or anyone, tried that 2nd part of the first dot where it says *Notice under the "disarmed stage" section?
have you, or anyone, tried that 2nd part of the first dot where it says *Notice under the "disarmed stage" section?
I already called service this morning and they have no knowledge on how to disarm the alarm system without the remote... completely useless

They told me to have the car towed there so they could program the new remote LOL.

If anyone has ever disarmed their alarm system without using their remote, please let me know!
No idea but you could always use Hyundai Roadside Assistance to have it towed.
For teh older models, (like the 05 tib), you put the key in the ignition and turn it to the "on" position.

the alarm should go on and off 3x (on/off on/off on/off)

turn the key off and try to start the car. This process disarmed the alarms in the older cars. I dont know of any new process. No one really tells us any of that information.

edit: looks like thats the process in the picture above. Cant see why it wouldnt hurt to try.
have you, or anyone, tried that 2nd part of the first dot where it says *Notice under the "disarmed stage" section?
Havoc, read the info you posted. It says in the notice:

Avoid trying to start the engine while the alarm is activated. The vehicle starter motor is disabled during the theft-alarm stage.

If the system is not disarmed with the transmitter, insert the key into the ignition switch, turn the ignition switch to the ON position and wait 30 seconds. Then, the system will be disarmed.

So, use the key or the valet/service key to unlock it. The alarm goes off. You get in, put the key in, turn it to the ON position and give it 30 seconds. Alarm should go off. You then turn off and then start the car normally. That's how I read that.
edit: i need to read...
I lost My key and remote , been using copy of the key , never had a problem of alarm going off even after using spare remote control to turn the alarm on.

My GC is 2010 3.8 A/T base, it cost $3 each to make extra keys. Dealer wanted $140 to order a new remote control and have it programed. :rofl:

I am not into these high tech features like keyless start system, built in navigatio, keys with chip inside and so on....More stuff to go wrong and more expansive to repair....:cool:
140 isnt too bad for a new remote.

I dont know the list price off hand, but theyre probably also charging you to program it. We do it for free. It takes all of a minute to do, and the customer isnt jaded youre charging them 50 bucks to do it.
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