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So this car has been a journey and I’ve been going back and forth with keeping it or not.
It started off with me needing a new car and damn I couldn’t find a good one. Then BOOM I see the listing as above.
Wow. New engine, 25k trans, and it looks nice with mods on it. Hmm… lemme check it out.
Went to check it, everything seemed fine but then I started getting sketched out.
Luck had it where when we tried cashing the check we couldn’t there, so we had to drive 2:30 hours away to do so. It drove great there and back. No issues.
Then the issues started coming a few days later.
Long story short, it’s needing an engine rebuild/replacement, ECM,and turbo from what I know so far.
CEL Codes are : P0605, P2110, P0133.
I know I have the money to replace the engine, but that would be all the money I have basically.
i would love Yelp deciding what to do because honestly the car is beautiful and rode good. I can give More information if it’s needed. Thank you in advanced!
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