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Best Place in Canada To get body Kits

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Alright, i damaged my back bumper on my silver genesis , backing up into a city bus . )))) I gouged my rear bumper and have a dent above the bumper on the metal panel as you can see in the photos.

So I'm looking to order a body kit for my car now. maybe only Front and rear bumper . Where is the best place for a Canadian to order his gear. Also, i have seen some bumpers on line, like from , can you order them pained or do they not come painted for that price.

Also i will have to go to the auto body shop in Edmonton to fix the dent. I know a few guys are from Edmonton on this forum. Does anybody have a suggestion of where in Edmonton to take my car to fix the dent.
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There probably aren't any places in Canada to get a bodykit--at least not yet. If you need a front and rear bumper, we can definitely help you out there. As far as bodykit recommendations are concerned, try asking in the Regional forums.
where you from? theres some places in ontario! specifically london that ive dealt with! they get them ordered in, but for hundreds cheaper than you would pay for if you ordered! The shops on dundas...... not far from dundas and clark
He's going to a body shop in Edmonton, should be somewhat of a hint of where he's at. LOL

I would imagine any Speed Shop place would be more then happy to help you modify your car. Check out your local ones and if you're really smart ask for a couple of their customer's names and ask how happy they are with the work.

Some body shops are more into sport car mods then others, again check it out locally. Once you find a shop with people and service you like stick with them.
sorry, first time around it didnt load anything under the photo!
No worries. LOL

Anyone having luck with any of their local performance shops working with the GC in Canada?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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