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Bk2 3.8 electrical issue

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I'm having intermittent issues with my coupe. I vinyl wrapped my center dash and shift assembly earlier this week. I think that since then I've been having these lights show up when I start my car. Sometimes the car starts perfectly fine and sometimes it looks like the picture.

Gear indicator is blank.
Cant shift out of park.
None of my gauges work while driving.
Can manually move gears with the button on the assembly and drive around, but there are times while driving that the car changes gears on its own.
When I try the scanner, I get error message.

I've cleaned the battery terminal and added shims to ensure good connection.
I went to the autoparts store and had my battery, alternator, and starter checked; all good.
I took off the center console and made sure all connections in the back were in all the way.
Checked just about every fuse in the car. Any that have anything to do with lights, ecm, tcm, bcm, and all good.

I'm not sure how to check the actual control modules themselves but the one time I was able to read a code I had canbus lost communication issue. I've tried unplugging the negative terminal for a while to try and let everything reset with no luck. Don't really know what else to do or check.


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Something didn't get connected right?
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