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Blacked out headlights = Can't do it! Lol.

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So, I brought my genny to this paint shop I use to go to with my Eclipse (They're like a body/paint shop)...anyway...I bring em outside to the car and ask, "What would it cost to get the inside housing of the headlights painted black?"

first response: Naw we can't do that, you can't get those headlights apart.

Me: Well I've seen guys do it....

Him: I don't even think we can paint that chrome, *screams to other guy* Can we even paint the chrome in the headlight?

Other guy: I mean if you can get it out I'll paint it up for you...not sure how well it'll stick though...

Him: How do you even plan on getting the headlight apart?

Me: Heat...comes right off I hear...

Him: Well I haven't seen anything like that in...about 20 years i've been working here, but there's a first for everything I guess....

Them: Yeah we'll paint it, shouldn't be anymore then 100 bucks for both of em if you get it apart...we ain't touchin em though, you can take them apart.

Me: ....yeah...ok thanks. *walks away*

(Oh and I forgot to mention that they were telling me I should just drop the money for brand new headlights instead of painting)


God damnit I wish I had an awesome Performance shop here in YORK PA that would welcome me with open arms and say something like "Hell yeah, I mean I haven't done it before, but we can sure as hell try!"


All of you near performance shops / being sponsored. I Envy YOU.

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the body shop doesnt want to be responseable if the head lights leak and stuff but if you take them apart like they said it ll be worth them to paint it
poor guy... gctuner just did mine. i love it and if you get it done you will too. enough said :) check em out
This ^^^^^^
the body shop doesnt want to be responseable if the head lights leak and stuff but if you take them apart like they said it ll be worth them to paint it
I agree, but if he gets them apart the hard part is already done and he might as well paint them himself. I wouldn't pay anyone $100 to do something that would cost like $8 to do.
Wow sounds like a great shop lol

Send me a PM about your headlights, we can do them for you.

GCTuner also does awesome headlight work too!

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interested. PM sent
I like that Havoc decal. Just gave me an idea!
Do it urself
How are yo even suppose to get aftermarket headlights? No one makes them.
All the ones for sale are just modded stock ones :p
i like the ones gctuner does..but if i was you i would just watch a few youtube vids about headlight DIY jobs and go at it...pick up a bag of confident at home depo and you'll be just fine hehe :). it will save you money and overall time from shipping. + you get more bonding time with your car.
my thoughts on it is this:
yes, i hate paying someone for what can be done with a 3 dollar can of paint and some time. however, for me i have to find 4 hours or more of time to do this. I do not have enough free time to do it myself anymore (I have done 2 sets of lights in the past, so i know how). so if i put an hourly rate on my time based on my job, its just simply cheaper to pay and spend my time with the family. Besides, I dont drive the car but like one day a week so it doesnt affect me.
Hell, I've already had mine apart twice..:p
I love this mod and will definitely do it. But I will also be doing LED turn signal switchbacks, HIDs and clear corners. So just going to wait and do them all in one shot.
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