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Brembo brake premature wear

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I have 25,000 km. Dealer told me I need to replace one gouged rotor which has been gouged for at least a year or at 12,000. Said rotor was warped, could not explain why one front rotor is gouged. Dealer did not report any brake issues at as little as two thousand km ago (22,000km) though rotor was severely gouged. They said it may have been a rock but the gouging is all across the rotor. Said I need to replace rotors in pairs on front. Told me I need new brake pads all around and that they can turn the back two rotors. Total job cost at dealer is $2100 plus tax.Any thoughts or experiences with replacing Brembo's so soon?
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Do not pay that much! Hyundai dealerships are known to be complete crooks when it comes to the Bembo brake system. I paid less then $100 for ALL 4 brake pads that completely blow away the OEM pads performace wise. And if u need new rotors for the front, get aftermarket from a vendor on here that are much cheaper.
^ this... Hawk pads are very cheap and all 4 rotors crossdrilled aftermarket are about $500
GCTuner sells the rotors and MAPerformance sells the pads.
The only thing left is to find a shop to perform the installation for you.
They are right about the work that needs done and the parts. Brake parts all work together, and usually need to be replaced in pairs. However, the price is a bit steep. Your best bet is getting the parts yourself and having a mom/pop shop put them on.
Dealer BAd choice for Competent Repair

Took in car to real brake specialist. They confirmed suspicions that they needed to only turn the front rotors and put in new pads. Cost $340 not $2100. Dealer lied about what needed repairing and I have photos of all the parts they said were needing repair. PAd wear on back still had 40% and rotors did not need turning.

Dealer charged 116 bucks to lie about needed repair, and am reporting to BBB.

Brake specialist confirmed that Brembo brake assembly was out of spec from manufacturer. WIll; never have dealer perform any work unless covered by warranty as they are a very bad shop and a disgrace to the GENESIS Moniker.

Thanks all for the advice. Very disappointed with the quality of the vehicle so far, more squeeks and rattles than my 9 year old BENZ.
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