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Hello all Genesis Owners in the Northwest Territories! I think an introduction is in order.

me and my partner, Anthony, started 10fintec last year and we can pretty much do anything custom: exhausts, intakes, intercooler setups, rad setups, V-mount.. anything you can dream up :) (btw, Anthony loooooves turbos. anything turbos. hinthint. hahaha)

alongside 10fintec, we are also running BTR Canada. we had the privilege of meeting the BTRcc guys down in the states and we all got along pretty well sooo.. here we are :) with BTR Canada, we will be taking care of BTRcc's Canadian customers, so you can ask us for parts, service and installation as well. Because we are located in Canada, we are a great source for parts that you may need/want and you wont have to worry about duty charges and the shipping charges may end up a lot better since we are located in Canada.

Let us know if you have any questions and we'll do our best to answer them!

sandra (and anthony!)
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