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I couldn't find a deals thread in the Canadian forum:dunno:

I plan on getting a Gen this year sometime soon, so I'm trying my best to ask other members how much they paid for their Gens! This way I can find a solid avg price of whats reasonable to pay.

Looking to get a 3.8 Base or 3.8 w/ Navigation (both in Automatic)

Post Away please!:)

Here is an example.

Price - $2304
APR - $92%
Engine - 2.0/3.8
Transmission - MAN/AUTO
Trim - base/premium/nav/GT
Dealership - sesame st motors
Salesperson - billy bob
Overall Impression - I felt like I was home. Billy welcomed me with open arms and they had cookies! After the deal we all brought out our rugs and took a nap together. It was definitely a feel good experience.

Hopefully this thread is successful! Please tell others to post in this thread
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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