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Canards for the stock bumper

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Hey everyone! I was just wondering who else would be interested in some of these for the gen coupe. I find they look really badass on cars and it would be sweet to see a hardcore aftermarket bumper with these on them too (besides the RMR one).
For those of ou who don't know what canards are they are the little wing, lip things on bumpers like so :

Im not so down to spend a whole lot of cash on ones that would go onto a stock bumper but it would be really cool if someone could find a way to get some of these for a coupe :)
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Im just gonna ask:dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno: WHY?
Well mes need that. I have serious understeer.:cool:

EDIT: Those little FLAPS???? Really?
I really like them, I'm surprised nobody's come out with them yet.
First molding makes universal ones. You can just get a pair and chop them up to match with the stock lines of the bumper.

I was considering it, but then I decided to go with a more smooth theme for the car, and I'm trying to do custom mirrors now.
They aren't going to make a difference unless you are cornering at a high rate of speed.. like over 100 mph at least.
It will look rediculous on a daily driver.
k as rice as this sounds, i would like them for looks as well as performance... im sure the performance isn't huge on them alone but if equiped with a splitter and rear diffuser then things might start to add up.
Also it is my daily driver but its also a track whore (time attack)
I have wanted them for the gen since i first got it. i almost bought a universal kit and tried them on the stock bumper. but a company needs to read this and def. get going on canards for the stock bumper!!! carbon canards and a carbon front lip... Oh gawd..
Maybe something more clean/subtle than the one's pictured and I'd be down.
They aren't going to make a difference unless you are cornering at a high rate of speed.. like over 100 mph at least.
It will look rediculous on a daily driver.
+1....on both accounts...

I've got a set or VIS universal CF canards sitting at the house that I plan to install eventually. But until you have a functioning front splitter, they are of little use. They are like an airbag system is to seatbelts, not much good w/o the splitter. I would prefer a fuctional rear diffuser installed & maybe an underbody tray prior to worrying about canards.

I would not install them just for looks, draws to much attention to the car from police & punk ricers. If you are not tracking the car at high speeds, they are a waste of $$ IMO.
You'd have to be going pretty fast to get any form of usable downforce with those, and usually that would be in conjunction with other mods, including front splitter, underplate, etc.
Im with you OP I love canards! I really wish i could find the ones from this picture they are subtle enough for a DD.

also anyone happen to know where i can find more pictures of this gen coupe?
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gen2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ridinlow use to rock them. Up front and just before the rear wheels check out his FlickR
i think those are a little too big for the stock bumper, kinda look out of those
i've seen ones that are much smaller, but thicker made w/ ABS of somesort on a 370Z before, look kinda like this one
370Z 09 12 Nissan GT Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Canards | eBay

but thats probably more show than go... but i think it will suit the stock bumper better, for people who wants the look
working on making my own canards for the front bumper now. Have tried a few templates and hope to have finished product this weekend :)

any one want to weigh in on which looks best? Functionality test to follow :)
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I voted on your FB post, I like #3 but #4 is good too.
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