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Hey guys so I recently just installed an aftermarket radiator from koyorad into my 3.8 track genesis coupe & it was acting normal at first but then I started to see the oil temp rise at idle and then the temp started to rise at idle as well so I took the car for a spin once the car had normal temp & not even for 3 mins the car started to over heat and I parked it back home 馃槙, please help I鈥檓 out of ideas of what this could be ... </3

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with car off, engine cold

*1. jack the front of the car up

2. open radiator cap

3. fill until "full"

4. run engine, and fill more, until it can't take any more.

5. close cap and make sure the overflow has some coolant in it.

If mixing your own coolant, ALWAY mix with distilled water.

In places where temps never drop below freezing you can get aways with runing a 70/30 water/coolant mix. Otherwise, 50/50 is normal.
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