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Carbon Fiber Foglight Bezel Covers (PICS)

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For those of you who saw my post where I was showing off the new foglight bezels with LED daytime running lights, you probably also noticed the option to add carbon fiber covers to it as well. (Original thread is located HERE). Well, someone asked if the carbon fiber covers can also fit on the OEM fog bezels--and as it turns out, they do! This might actually be a cool option for people who don't want foglights and don't want to go hacking up the original foglight bezels to get air flow to a cold air intake or something of the sort. You can just remove the plastic insert and use these carbon fiber covers to hide the messy area underneath.

Something different, I guess. Definitely not for everyone, but CF junkies looking for a fix might get a kick out of it--especially along with a CF hood and grill too. :D Plus, these really aren't too expensive. I'll list them on my site soon if anyone's interested. As always, PM me for info if you want!

(Please excuse my dirty car--it's been snowing out like crazy and I haven't had a chance to wash it!)
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Nice option without chrome pieces?
Yes, that would have been better... ;)
looked totally different with my iphone now I see whats going on LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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