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Cargo Net

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ok i was woundering is the cargo net is supposed to lay flat on the trunk if not how do you put it up?
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I believe that the cargo net holds stuff to the floor of the trunk using the four hooks that you see in there.

So not really upright as much as down.
I just have mine the way it came with just using two hooks at the opening. I store miscellaneous small stuff in it, like cleaning supplies and my work gloves.
it is meant to be upright, if you have the directions it shows it perfect, I have mine on the floor, but it makes my little hiding spot to the right in the trunk harder to open up. I havent had a chance to drill the trunk material in the 2 spots to properly install the cargo net, but i have seen it installed and it looks great and very functional.
Upright or on the floor, I usually have it upright, but one day I had some smaller items I didn't want rolling around the floor, so i used the hooks on the floor of the trunk to hold everything down.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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