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Cars and Coffee Irvine tomorrow 1-22-11

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I will be there and i am sick of being the only coupe to show up. Anyone else free tomorrow morning early for one of the most famous meets in the country?

Cars and Coffee Irvine. I will arrive at 645am and stay until 8ish. If anyone else wants to come, let me know and we can plan to meet beforehand.

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:( I would if I lived closer or if I planned to meet family down in that neck of the woods.
well I live in Irvine and I've been trying to go with my friend who goes every other weekend or so... but I have a hard time waking up lol
I might try to go, but I have a bday party to go to tonight and not sure how late I'll be out.
sounds good. should be me and one other gencoupe so far. meeting at saddleback church in foothill ranch at 645 then going over.
Well I guess its just you and me now redbull. tylers headlights have some issues
sounds good. no meet before. i will be there at 7am
It was pure luck that I got that spot next to you haha
haha i saw that as i went back to get in my car. pretty funny.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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