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Cmd cheap

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Comes with everything.
$240 Shipped

Would like this gone quick
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is it just the CMD or is it the CMD and the wideband?
Someone pick this up that is a damn good price BUMP for you man
Holy crap tht is a good deal if it really does include the CMD, wideband and injectors all for $240 shipped?!?!
Don't know why everyone thinKs it includes everything in the picture... The title says CMD CHEAP...

Sale pending...
lol posting a pic with 3 things in it with the captioning that says "comes with everything" (sounds like everything in the pic since it is right under it) is a bit misleading, though common sense and the title woudl tell you different, you can't blame them for trying, taht would be a sweat deal.
hey i had to ask, it did say comes with everything and i see more then just a cmd in the pic. Obviously it would have been a hell of a deal, but it couldnt hurt to ask.
If this is still here by feb 15th, I will be all over this like frosting on top of cake for sure.
Would dig a CMD asap.
Sold. Paid for. Lock it up

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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