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Hello members !!!

i am having problems with coils....

2012/3.8/mt/ track with stance super sports coils

had for 6 years with 20000 miles on it ...

yesterday i found out oils are starting to leak from suspension . fron and rear. ㅠ.ㅠ.

i know you can rebuild and all that.. but shipping back and forward.. i am not into that..

is my suspension life is done?? can i just keep drive??? what happen if all the oils are leaked ???

i think it been leaking for couple month,, i just felt my suspesnion got softer ...

not hearing any weired noise or something...

need new coils soon or later...

between BC , Stance , Max coil???

i see alot of reviews about BC but may not last long???

how old is your coils?

recomendation would help alot

THANK YOU ^_______________^
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