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Considering a Gen Coupe

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Hello everyone, I'm Derrick and I'm from Key West, Florida..

I've always had Hondas and have lately been wanting to upgrade to something a little more power so I've been looking for an s2000 because they're pretty well known for being an enthusiast car but would rather get a Gen coupe because they stopped making the s2000 and I want a new vehicle.. I've always had an interest in the Genesis Coupe since the concepts started getting revealed..

I just figured I would pop in and introduce myself and maybe before too long I'll be posting up some pics:)
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Welcome to the forums! :)
I was in the same situation you are in a few months ago. I wanted an s2k but couldnt find one in decent shape, with low miles and a good price. The lowest mileage s2k i could find had under 3k miles but they wanted like 26k for thanks.
All I can say is JUST DO IT!

I'm assuming you are talking about the 3.8? I have the 2011 3.8 track and let me tell you its the best and most fun car ive ever owned. See my list of previous cars and you'll see that I don't say that lightly...

My cars in order (i know it doesnt make much sense haha)
-2000 Celica GTS auto
-1997 Integra GSR manual
-2003 350z manual
-2005 Altima SE-R auto
-Gen coupe

Also, lots of people complain about 5th gear grinding. Because of this I considered getting the auto instead. I am soooo glad I got the stick. In normal driving it never ever grinds and is actually a very nice transmission with short throws and a nice clutch, a little on the notchy side but thats personal preference. When accelerating at WOT through the gears i have had it catch or grind into 5th but its definitely not a big enough problem to justify not getting the stick.

Hopefully Ive convinced you to go out and buy one because you wont regret it!
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Even if you go with the 2.0t, as I did for modding purposes, wont regret it. DO IT. Seriously. DO it
3.8, I have to agree!!!

Last cars (lightly modded);
VW Jetta K04,
Eagle Talon Tsi

It's been over twentyfive years since I've driven a rear wheel drive. This is stock and it is nice (i.e FAST!!). I read the comparisons. GC is the RIGHT choice, if your background is like mine.

VW's went turbo in late 2000 and kits weren't widely available until 2005, so by the time this is paid off, there should be some nice bolt-on FI upgrades.

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